Thursday, September 27, 2012


Statistics are now telling us that the numbers are pretty close to being equal. Shocking, isn't it. We always assume that it is men that do the sneaking around, right?
Regardless. The one who cheats, must also be the one to fix things in the relationship. Ultimately, they are the one with the problem and they have personal work to do - if they desire things to get better in their relationship.

I don't know why men tend to blame the women in their lives, more so than the other way around. Perhaps, it is because women seem to feel more pressure in our society to live up to some kind of sex-kitten persona to maintain their relationships. This, is simply a lie!
I believe that this is the reason why, women may be much more susceptible to falling for these lies, which men seem to be really good at using.

I recently read an article, where the author was bragging about overcoming an early affair in his marriage. He went on to list all the things that his wife of over two decades now - had done to help him stay faithful. He gave his wife attribution, for basically keeping him honest all these long years, since "his" initial unfaithfulness. This, because of the many "things" that she was willing to do for him - to keep him from cheating!
Give me a break! All I could think of, was the fact that this poor woman probably needs counseling -- and desperately. What will happen "if" or more likely "when" this guy gets bored? How will this women then feel - after she has done "everything" possible to keep her man?

Ladies - these are the types of lies that you must never - ever, buy! If that man really believes that he is not cheating because his wife is willing to be "freaky" with him now - he is continuing to live a life of dishonesty with himself and his very loyal wife. Pathetic!

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