Wednesday, November 24, 2010

MARRIAGE SERIES: Petting and touchy games for lovers

Introduction to petting
Oxford dictionary defines petting as the activity of kissing and touching somebody, especially in a sexual way. Further heavy petting means the sexual activity which avoids penetration. Generally petting includes the wide range of body exploring activities and every group of young people has its definition. Some groups classify petting as light and heavy. Light petting means caressing or fondling of bodies outside clothing while heavy petting means caressing each others bodies underneath the clothing. Hii ya mwisho ni kama inapitiliza vile!
 stock photo : Young pair
Statistics usually bore most of us as we normally do not want the so called namba! Mahesabu ndiyo yenyewe. Statistics show that next to dating, petting seems to be the most popular sport among youth. In one research by Nancy it showed that 17% had not engaged in petting and did not plan to, 27% had petted and never intended to do so again and 43% had petted and intended to do it again. Wameonja asali wanachonga mzinga!.

Intensity of petting
Petty goes a step beyond hugging and kissing but not as far as intercourse. When a couple engage in petting, they feel they are saying “I love you and I care about you. Some day our relationship may blossom into something more, but right now this is where things are.” Uongo uongo uongo ingawa kuna wakati kunakuwa na ukweli ingawa ni kwa wachache!

Why petting
Most the students when asked why petting they said they wanted to express love to their partners. Since most of the young people lack the ability to make flowery romantic speeches, they try to communicate what they feel through petting. ……they feel that their love is very special and they want to come across to their dating partners as sincere. …..they know that sexual intercourse is the ultimate expression of love and they are not ready for that yet.

But there is another factor as well although young people are reluctant to admit it. Often they engage in petting because of the physical pleasure derived through sexual stimulation. They enjoy the pleasant sensation of the moment, and some get to the place where they look to such enjoyments as an end to itself. In these situations petting reflects self love rather than love for the other. Under such circumstances petting violets the principles we expect to govern a relationship between a man and a woman.

Caution: Couples, who engage in petting when they are not in real love, do so strictly for the fun of it. Yet sexual experimentation without love cheapens a relationship. To use another person to satisfy your own sexual desire of the moment is shoddy. The risks are high and the rewards are low.

Take care and see you next time. (itaendelea)

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